Here's how we make inspections easy

Manage all your inspections in one system.

Audit Utopia™'s inspection management is the engine of your inspection team. Stay on top of your inspection requests by tracking the assignees, priority and status of every request. Create custom fields to collect custom information within a request, filter, generate reports and send notifications to assigned users. Impress your inspector while Audit Utopia™ does the hard work for keeping everything organized.

Track and Manage Requests

Never Fall Behind.

Audit Utopia™ allows users to input inspection requests into an inspection - neatly organized on your request list. With request management, Audit Utopia™ makes sure you have all the information you need to please your inspector at every turn - instantly. Stay organized, prioritized, and never fall behind on your inspection requests.

Audit Utopia

Audit Utopia

Scribe Notes

Log inspection notes - real-time!

With the Audit Utopia™ scribe functionality, it's easier than ever to deliver inspection updates to your team. Inspection teams can view and act on important scribe information while working on requests - without leaving Audit Utopia™.

Custom Reports

View metric reports on what matters.

Reporting used to be difficult but with Audit Utopia™ it's easy. Just select the charts and fields you want, and get an immediate real-time views. Run pre-built metric reports for tracking request workload, time spent in a specific request status and more.

Audit Utopia

Lightning Quick Request Tracking

Audit Utopia™'s real-time web interface makes it simple to manage, navigate and assign inspection requests. Access requests directly from your favorite browser or take it on the go and access it on any mobile device.

Audit Utopia

Audit Utopia

Request Filters

View your requests - your way.

Filter requests in any way you choose directly from your request list. See requests assigned to you, unsolved requests and requests within a desired date range. Create as many filters as your team needs and make them available to your organization.

Request Status

Staying organized is an "open and close" request.

Audit Utopia

Audit Utopia™ tracks the status of every request so that nothing is misplaced. Audit Utopia™ comes with pre-configured request statuses but administrators may configure custom statuses to fit your business needs.

Custom Fields

Collect custom information.

Audit Utopia

Use custom fields to add information unique to your business such as number of copies given. Use custom fields in request filters, notifications, and even reporting.

Bulk Updating

Need to update many items at once? Go for it.

Audit Utopia

Audit Utopia™ is all about making your life easier, smoother and faster. Our bulk-update feature does exactly that. If you want to change the status of many requests at once, select them, and make your changes instantly.

Site Management

Take interactivity to the next level

Audit Utopia

Increase your site engagement instantly with Audit Utopia™'s site management. Quickly add new sites to Audit Utopia™ to track your sites within your inspection process.

Make business decisions based on key metrics.

With Audit Utopia™ metrics, you will be able to track and measure information in real time based on your inspection statistics and performance. Understand how your team handled the inspection and areas where you can improve.

Audit Utopia

Configurable Reports

Configure your reports to fit your business needs.

Audit Utopia™ provides a number of reports relevant to request notifications. In addition to these pre-defined reports, your Audit Utopia™ request information is fully exportable in HTML, Word, Excel or PDF format. These pre-defined report templates can be configured using HTML to better fit your business needs.

Audit Utopia

Audit Utopia

Inspection Performance Reports

Quickly gain insight on your inspection team.

Request performance reports are focused on the actions and performance by assignees and users. See how many requests are opened, resolved, closed, or the status duration for any particular status regardless of who the request was assigned to.

Request Reports

Summarize request activity handled by your assignees.

View, analyze, and gain insight from your request activity with pre-populated reports that users can save and pin on their dashboard for real time statistics. Track and measure data based on your request volume and performance in real time.

Audit Utopia

Inspection Notes

Take inspection notes in real-time.

With 'Audit Utopia™'s scribe, you will be able to track inspection notes in real time. Understand what is happening during the inspection and how they were handled by your team while gaining insight of your inspection during the process.

Audit Utopia

Audit Utopia

Chatrooms and Private Chat

Group Chat and IM for teams.

Audit Utopia™'s chatting experience allows users to chat with each other in real time. Catch up on things you missed while you were away or logged off and pick up right where you left off. Audit Utopia™ saves your conversations so you will never forget who said what and when. Seamlessly transfer files, view your chat history, and change your chat status and more!

Email Notifications

Real-time world demands real-time responses.

Customize actions throughout the system to be sent to specific people, email addresses, groups and more. Users can quickly respond to inspection notifications directly from their email client and the reply will be displayed as a comment for the request.

Audit Utopia

Audit Utopia

Request Comments

Quickly respond to a specific request.

Engage your inspection team with request comments on Audit Utopia. Start a new thread or reply to an exisiting comment inside a request. Request comments allows request users to moderate and reply with authoritative answers.

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