What's new in Audit Utopia 4.2

Modern, Fast, Simple

With Audit Utopia™ 4.2, your team will communicate more effectively and deliver requests faster - anytime, anywhere.

The modern use interface is simple and clean. Audit Utopia™ 4.2 has a great user friendly view that allows you to quickly browse inspection request details.

Audit Utopia

Audit Utopia

Collaborate: Private group chat and instant messaging

Share ideas or files with your team in real time. Catch up on things you missed while you were away or logged out and pick up right where you left off. Audit Utopia™ saves your conversations so that you will never forget who said what.

Automatically generated scribe and chatrooms are perfect for the inspection process where teams can collaborate in real-time.

Audit Utopia

Modern: Simple user interface

Audit Utopia™'s interface helps you get your work done faster. Information is easier to find and common tasks are more intuitive. Audit Utopia™'s look and feel is consistent with previous versions of Audit Utopia™ so users are more productive when upgrading versions.

Audit Utopia

Filter: View only the information you need

Searching for a request should never feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Avoid searching repeatedly for what you need by building the right search filter the first time using the search. Lightning quick search filters instantly narrow down your search results and continually refine criteria options to eliminate re-searching. Save those filters for later and share them with your inspection team to decrease the time searching and increase efficiency.

Audit Utopia

Go Global: Associate a site to an inspection

Audit Utopia™'s site tracking allows for sites to be included into an inspection. Site administrators may administer users, groups, inspections and more all within the same instance of Audit Utopia™.

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